Favorite Fitness Blogs and Posts

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Getting back into the fitness has been interesting.  On one hand I really really want to be fit.  I want to enjoy fit activities and I want to run after my 2 year old without getting winded.  I’ve always really wanted this but it takes a lot to get me there.  Yes…I just had a baby I know I know but beyond that.  Really getting motivated.  In high school I loved being fit. Heck, I loved to run bleachers. Weird? {Read More}

How to Make Chalk Paint and Tips for Using It

Turquoise furniture - chair

I came to a realization this week.  Turquoise furniture is amazing.  That and you cannot perfect the chalk paint process.  For one there are so many different recipes and so many different processes and the application never goes exactly the same every time.  That being said, I am absolutely in love with turquoise furniture, this turquoise bench to be more specific! This bench was meant for a dining room table we inherited but I’m really liking it at the end {Read More}

Rotating Toys for Toddlers

Rotating Toys for Toddlers

My younger sister is 15 years younger than I am and even though we haven’t spent a lot of time together, I’ve actually learned a lot about being a mother from having her around.  One thing that stood out to me was the fact that my mother would rotate her toys. Rotating toys for toddlers is genius in my opinion! Who knows maybe my mom even did this for my brother and I and I just don’t remember.  See it works! {Read More}

BBQ Bacon Swiss Chicken Recipe

BBQ Bacon Swiss Chicken

I am trying to add more protein to my diet.  It makes me feel better and I don’t crave sugary snacks like I used to.  Now I want carrot sticks or a salad. Weird! But I’m in need of more chicken recipes to keep it new and exciting for me and for my family. Before I had no limit to sugary snacks I could eat.  Normally you hear people say wow that’s too sweet or I’ve had enough sugar.  Nope, {Read More}

Look Who is Two!

Brodie Boating

We have so much going on in August! We will attend at least 3 weddings and/or receptions.  My in-laws are in Lake Powell as I write this post (and I am not super jealous). Brodie turns 2, Corey turns 28, and Steel will be 2 months! Plus all of the other life/summer things that happen in August.  I’m not complaining, at least I am not in on the back to school posts yet! But yes my sweet little boy turns {Read More}

10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Him

Birthday Gifts for Him

Next week is my hubbies birthday! And even though he says he doesn’t need anything and even though he’s totally hard to shop for I will still end up getting him something! Follow me on Instagram (JesHumrich) to find out what I got him! Until then I wanted to give you some gifts for him ideas! These can be Christmas, birthday, or just because! 10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Him: Gift Basket or Bouquet of his favorite things! Think candy bars {Read More}

Blueberry and Protein Breakfast Muffins

Blueberry and Protein Breakfast Muffins

Last week I talked about my new relationship with food and how protein is helping me not snack on sugary sweets.  But eating all of your protein in chicken can get boring fast!  These Blueberry and Protein Breakfast Muffins are easy to make and help me feed my sweet tooth in a healthy way! Not only are they easy to make but you can make a double batch and freeze them.  I grab two (which is one serving) for breakfast {Read More}

10 Protein Packed Foods

Protein Packed Foods

I’ve never really recorded how food makes me feel.  I know I like it and I know I can eat a lot before I get full.  After having the new baby I knew I wanted to figure the food thing out.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to be eating lots and I knew my relationship with food needed to change.  I discovered that protein made me feel full where other foods I ate didn’t.  I also didn’t snack as {Read More}

Ice Cream in a Can – THRIVE Life Recipe

Ice Cream in a Can

I’m always trying to find fun little things for my toddler to do. We eat Cheerios out of a to dump truck and shoot hot wheels down a large cardboard tube. These activities don’t always work out but we try.  I’ve really loved seeing him discover things lately. He is known to turn his toys with wheels over and twist and turn what ever parts he can.  While my dad was here Brodie saw him take the tires off my {Read More}

Brodie’s Birth Story: Chapter 4 Breastfeeding in the NICU


It’s National Breastfeeding Week and I’ve been feeling a little bitter.  At first I felt like it was a “Let’s expose ourselves for our kids” statement but it really is more than that.  If you don’t want to cover up that’s your thing and I am ok with that.  Just because I am not doesn’t mean I don’t have a story though.  It just took me some time to warm up to that (and reading other stories). After Brodie was {Read More}