7 Great Christmas Tree Photography Tutorials

7 Great Christmas Tree Photography Tutorials

Ever since I can remember my mom has taken our signature Christmas Day pictures. This consisted of mom taping all of our unwrapped paper together to create a background. She started the tradition by putting the backdrop up the Christmas tree. One year she even set it up outside for better lighting. As we got older we began to complain and one year she stopped taking the wrapping paper pictures. It was a sad day and I felt guilty for {Read More}

Recharge Your Marketing Strategy

Recharge your Marketing Strategy

It’s hard not to feel like I do the same thing everyday. Because I do! I help other bloggers with their social media marketing strategy and sometimes I feel like all I do is read, post, share, repeat. But there is so much more you can do! Grooves are great, don’t get me wrong I love being in a groove. But it can hurt your social media if you don’t learn from what you are currently doing. You see what {Read More}

DIY Family Ornament & Family Christmas Traditions

DIY Ornament and Family Christmas Tradition

It’s important to me that my family remember Christ throughout the year but especially during the Christmas season. We love giving service and I like to read the story of Christ’s birth around the time we read T’was the Night before Christmas. I like these traditions but I haven’t been deliberate about them. That why I am really excited about today’s post! I would like to become more deliberate about bringing Christ into my home. DIY Family Ornament  I started out with {Read More}

How to Create and Use Twitter Lists

How to Create and Use Twitter Lists

So you want to take Twitter to the next level do you? I’m here to tell ya you do! Twitter is one of my favorite platforms. The feed goes quick so it’s like playing a game. Twitter is a series of posting your own content, and sharing content from others (retweeting and replying). Finding your groove with posting your content can only take you so far. That’s where Twitter Lists could really help you out. Let’s get started How to Create {Read More}

Silhouette Black Friday Sale


I LOVE my Silhouette and I am going through some withdrawals this week. Right before leaving I made a couple of holiday items including this plate and tin.  {Cookies for Santa Tin} {Cookies for Santa Plate} You will probably see a lot more ideas like this from me because I am so obsessed! You’re going to love all of the ideas so you might as well get you a Silhouette Machine too! Silhouette has some fun sales going on starting now! {Read More}

How to Create Visual Content for Blog Posts

How to Create Visual Content

I am not receiving compensation for this post and opinions are 100% my own. I’m starting something new here on the blog. Mondays will be dedicated to marketing content. Why Mondays? Because I like the alliteration. I love marketing and social media. I got my start in social media by accident through my collage job. From there my marketing background help me land new jobs. Right before becoming a stay at home mom I was a career advisor and everyday {Read More}

Cookies for Santa Vinyl – Christmas ideas for Silhouette

Cookies for Santa Plate

I’ve been in Texas visiting my family this week but before I left I put away the Fall decor and started bringing out the Christmas decor. I’m in Texas for Thanksgiving and I wanted to be able to come home and listen to Christmas music and put up the Christmas tree.  I also received my Silhouette Portrait machine right before leaving and quickly became addicted to all the fun things I can make with it now! I am sure I {Read More}

25 Apothecary Jar Filler Ideas for Christmas

25 Apothecary Jar Fillers for Christmas

Last week I went to a craft night with ladies at my church and had so much fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had an evening with the girls. My life is a little outnumbered these days. I love my boys but there’s just something about crafting and hanging out with the girls that is so fun. Plus my husband and oldest were leaving for a road trip and a girls’ night was a perfect distraction.  At the craft night {Read More}

PicMonkey Tutorial: How to Boost Your Makeup

How to Boost Your Makeup with PicMonkey

If you have ever taken a selfie on a good hair day or make up day you know that pictures sometimes don’t show the awesomeness. Photographers sometimes tell their clients to do their makeup more than they would normally do because it just doesn’t show up in pictures. Sometimes I over do my makeup and it still doesn’t show up in pictures. Now I am not a “have to have makeup” kind of gal but if I am going to {Read More}

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

Facebook has made another change. You may have noticed your schedule options has disappeared on your business pages. Well good news is it hasn’t. It takes a little longer to get to but it’s still there. Here’s how to schedule Facebook posts. Instead of being a clock underneath the status update, it is now a dropdown menu on the bottom right side of your status update. So write your post, add your pictures then click the down arrow. You then {Read More}